SU 2008-2009


Registration Fee Protests:

In 2008 the Union held a protest throughout the streets of Waterford where 2500 students marched side by side demonstrating against any increases in the registration fee. It was the biggest student demonstration that Waterford has ever seen.

Raise & Give Week:

A total of €18,000 was raised with proceeds being distributed to the Solas Centre in Waterford & Crumlins Children Hospital.

Class Rep System:

The Union had approximately 155 Class Reps attend Class Rep Training in Days Hotel, Waterford.

Neighbourhood Watch Programme:

Throughout the years WIT has had issues with the anti-social behaviour of its students in local residential estates. Lismore Park and Templar’s Hall were the most problematic areas. The Union created a programme called Neighbourhood Watch where students patrol the estates and prevent their peers from engaging in anti-social behaviour. In Templar’s Hall a landlord association called Templar’s Hall Action Support Association (THASA) was established. Landlords contribute money each year to pay for the Neighbour Watch initiative. Anti-social behaviour amongst WIT students has decreased significantly due to this initiative by WIT Students’ Union.

Entertainment in WIT:

Jon Kenny, Comedian, performed in the Dome Bar