WITSU Update: July 2017

Your Students’ Union Officers and School Convenors 2017/18

President: Michael Murphy, Education Officer: Marie Sheedy, Welfare Officer: Celine Casey
, Entertainment Officer: Mikey Ennis
, Communications Officer: Cathal Cocoman
, Mature Student Officer: Steve Daly, School Convenors: John Fortune, Alex Murphy, Kiera Doyle, Darren Malone, Laura Norbury


Your WITSU sabbatical (full time) team has been in office since the 1st of July and along with your part time officers and convenors we have been working very hard to have our various campaigns events and plans ready for September whilst getting very important training along the way. We are a very diverse group of people with many different manifesto points and promised that we want to achieve for you but the best way to achieve these goals is to work as a team and that is exactly what we have been doing.  It should noted that your officers are here to meet you throughout the summer. Your officers contacts and positions are outlined below and we welcome your input and feedback, your union is here to represent YOU.


President- Michael Murphy

086 7854420 / president@witsu.ie





Education- Marie Sheedy

086 0499842 / education@witsu.ie






Welfare- Celine Casey

086 7854402 / welfare@witsu.ie







Entertainments- Mikey Ennis






Communications- Cathal Cocoman






Mature Student Officer- Steve Daly




Your three full time officers attended a week of training called SUT (Students’ Union training) organised by USI during the second week of July. Various other training events are scheduled.


Your team have been preparing Freshers videos across a range of topics such as cheap and easy recipes and how to cook them and a ‘How to Dance’ video for a bit of ‘craic’.


The planning of Freshers week is well underway and we are really excited to finalise it all and set the tone for the kind of events and entertainment that we are taking as a priority for you.


We have also been representing you on campus where we are currently engaging in discussions on the provisions of the library services, the best quality accommodation with fair and equitable terms and conditions and doing everything we can to work with the institute in order to secure an on-site medical centre.


Education Update

We finalised our Class Rep Mission statement based on the input from Reps and officers of last year.


“Improving the student experience by working towards positive change and acting as their amplified voice, linking them to the Students’ Union and WIT as a whole.”


We had new people join the grinds register which you can find linked here.

As a team we started discussing and planning Class Rep Training and how we are going to improve it from last year’s training. We are also planning a really exciting night time event after training!


WIT has been given the project lead on Student Feedback Opportunities, Data and Follow Up as part of the NStEP project.


I have been working through the data from last year’s Work Placement Survey and will be working alongside representatives from each academic school in September with regards implementing change into some departments and courses where there are issues with placement.


Currently I am also gathering our mandates from the past 2 years to create a WITSU mandate/policy book. This will be readily available to students from our website and will be updated as required by the WITSU Education Officer.


This year we will also have a Class Rep Council terms of reference guide for the running of Class Rep Council. This will be voted in and approved hopefully along with the new adjustments to our WITSU Constitution in October.



Welfare Update

I have been working on getting a Niteline up and running in WIT and currently I am gathering information in relation to the policy and procedures involved in the setting up a Niteline from colleges all over the South and North of Ireland.


The first draft of  ‘Live Safe – Work Together’ week is almost done and we as a team are discussing this week in more detail. (Some exciting stuff is coming up :D)


The Planning for our Awareness Day is well underway with just a few small finishing touches left to go!


I am brainstorming ideas with regards to how the Welfare Crew will run and conduct itself which I will be discussing with the team and then Welfare Crew in September for any additional ideas or comments.


This week!

Along with continued planning and training we have also been meeting many members of staff within the institute who we will be working with for the coming year.

This week we met the recently elected Chair of Governing Body, Cllr. Jim Moore and the President of WIT, Prof. Willie Donnelly to discuss our plans for the coming year and the see how we can work together to benefit the experience of all students within WIT!



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