Welcome to WIT! For a lot of you coming to Waterford this year it will be your first time away from home. It’s time to live in the real world- with rent, food bills, missing your mammy’s home cooking, and so on.  It’s time to make a home away from home with some advice. This section of the website contains information which you may find useful throughout the year.

Accommodation Checklist

Before you move in or when you view accommodation:

  • Double check the amount of the deposit, rent in advance and rent
  • What bills are you going to have to pay on top of rent? Heating, electricity, internet, cable TV, bin charges?
  • For security, check all the locks on doors and windows, alarm, fire alarm, fire extinguishers, and make sure you know who else has a key
  • If necessary, ask situation with parking for bicycles and cars
  • Is the accommodation convenient? Is it near WIT, shops and a bus route? Is the area safe at night?

When you’ve moved in:

    • If you are asked to sign a lease, make sure you read it carefully and understand it BEFORE signing it. Check that your tenancy is registered with RTB , they must be registered! rtb-register-a-tenancy
  • Ensure to take photos of the property at the beginning of tenancy 
  • Make note of the condition of the property. 
  • Seek an inventory (list) of what should be present in the property  (such as a microwave). 
  • This will help judge on the deposit return, if something is already broken you shouldn’t be charged to fix it! 
    • Get a receipt every time you hand over money. Don’t pay by cash if possible
    • Regarding utilities and electricity bills, shop around for the cheapest provider. It isn’t fun but super IMPORTANT. (You might be lucky and have that already sorted by the landlord.
  • Make sure know when bills need to be paid and budget that out in advance 

Aim to be a decent tenant, clean up your mess, be conscious of other people living with or around you.