The New Constitution

We are delighted to announce that we will be holding a Constitution Referendum on the 29th and 30th January. For the first time, this will be completely online. Students will be able to vote on Moodle and our team will be on the ground, on all campuses, both days, to help with any questions and to rally our members. In the lead up, we will be posting a countdown along with changes. All changes and the constitution are below.

For any questions email John on

Constitution Changes

1. Formatting.

2. Moved definitions from last article to article one.

3. Added definitions: Satellite Campuses, School Officers and Campus Officers.

4. Removed honorary membership.

5. Reduced quorum for referendum from 15% to 8%.

6. Reduced calling time for referendum from 10 to 5 working days.

7. Aligned WITSU Council with Class Representative Council terms of reference.

8. Amalgamated Entertainments and Communications to create full time Events and Engagement.

9. Changed School Convenors to School Officers.

10. Introduced Campus Officers.

11. Changed VP for Welfare to VP for Welfare and Equality.

12. Introduced clause when a sabbatical leaves before conferring happens anyone due to graduate may stand for election.

13. Removed WITSU President as chief interpreter of constitution, added role into WITSU Council Chairperson.

14. Increased term of WITSU Council Chairperson to three years to ensure continuity.

15. Added in sentence on clubs and societies engagement.

16. Removed Part-time Postgraduate Officer and added engagement with Postgrads into VP Education’s role.


Download the constitution by clicking the text below

WITSU Constitution 2020