Steve Daly

Hi all,
Firstly I’d like to wish all the returning mature students a ‘welcome back’, I hope you’ve enjoyed your
summer hols. I’d also like to make a small request of you, please engage with the new mature
students on campus, you will remember your first semester and a little helpful advice or even saying
‘Hi’ can go a long way.

Next I’d like to welcome all the new mature students to W.I.T., well done on taking this huge step
into the unknown. Even just getting this far is an achievement in itself, you will face challenges along
the next few years but the life experience you have will be a valuable asset. Despite this there will be
things which you are not prepared for and this is where my role comes in. I act as liaison between
mature students and the Student Union, who are here to help with any and all issues that may arise
with helpful and correct advice. I am on campus all week long and can also be reached on the mail
address below. Or just come up to me and say hello.
For those who are returning to education after many years there are lots of facilities to get you back
to speed, please don’t be afraid to ask, your union is here to help.
Finally I hope you all have a great college year, enjoy the experience, create the friendships and
make some memories.