Jenny Duggan

Hello everyone.

My name is Jennifer Duggan, I am a final year psychology student here at WIT. I would like to begin by wishing all our returning students a warm welcome back and express how much I am looking forward to meeting this years incoming ones. I am delighted to be your Mature Student Officer for the coming year and look forward to representing you in our Students’ Union.

A main objective of mine for the year ahead will be to help mature students adjust to the academic and social life here in WIT. For mature students in particular, this can be a considerable upheaval from what was familiar so I would encourage all students to reach out to us here in the Students Union. We are here to help with any concerns or queries you might have.

There are many wonderful services available to any student who might find themselves (as so many of us do) a little overwhelmed at times. Our ‘Student Life and Learning’ centre provides many helpful services, not limited to, individual counselling services, information on the student assistance fund and advice on how to access the maths help centre. WIT also has a wonderful ‘Clubs and Societies Office’. This is a great place to start for any student seeking some fun while taking part in healthy extracurricular activities. Returning to education after a significant absence can be a daunting experience but it need not be an unhappy one. I will be organising various events throughout the year with the aim of reaching out and getting to know as many of you as possible. It IS possible to study well and enjoy college at the same time. I feel it is important for all students to avail of the terrific supports that are in place here in WIT and it is my job to ensure that happens.

Please feel free to contact myself or any other officer in the Students Union as we love meeting new friends. It is our mission to help you feel as comfortable as possible here in WIT.

Mature Student Officer,

Jennifer Duggan