Rhiannon Kavanagh

Hey Everyone!


My name is Rhiannon Kavanagh and I am so happy to have been re-elected this year to be your Education Officer here with WITSU for the coming Academic Year 2020/2021. With a slightly strange year ahead I am delighted to be able to work alongside an amazing team who are completely focused on making this an amazing year for all students!


You might be wondering what it is that an Education Officer is there to do? My sole focus for the coming year is to represent students on all academic matters you could think of! This could be anything from Exams, Mitigating Circumstances, Deferrals, Retention, SUSI, Student Complaints, Appeals, Course Queries, Academic Representation and everything in between. College can be quite an overwhelming time for students so we are always on hand to help in any way that we can to make your student experience that little bit easier. No matter how big or how small something appears, don’t ever hesitate to reach out as I am more than happy to help in any way that I can and I can’t emphasise that strongly enough!


So you might be wondering what some of the things I hope to achieve for the coming year include? Aside from making sure that I am there to represent you as students on anything that you may need, or any issue that may arise, I also hope to continue ensuring there is a strong Class Representative system in place to hold us as Officers accountable for the work that we do as well as making sure that the voice of the wider student body is heard. If this is something of interest to you don’t hesitate to reach out! I also hope to work on upskilling and professional development as this is such an important factor in everyone’s student experience to have you as prepared as possible for the wider world of work. Postgraduate engagement is also something I wish to work on this year, following the amalgamation of the Part TIme Postgraduate Officer role into my Full Time Education Officer Role. I also look forward to continuing work with the current team on the TU Merger Process following a productive year of work last year. 


For now, I wish you all nothing but the very best of luck for your year ahead. No doubt there will be some notable changes this year under the current circumstances, but make the most of your time here in WIT. Whether it’s your first year, final year or any year in between, get as involved as you can, go out, meet new people, put yourself outside of your comfort zone, try new things but mainly just enjoy your time here! As a graduate I can honestly say it’s true when they say your College Days are the best of your life so make the most of them. You will have the mozy crazy yet brilliant experiences and you will make the best friends, so don’t ever take that for granted!


For now I will sign off by saying I really look forward to meeting you throughout the year and I hope you have a fantastic time here in WIT. As always if there is anything I can help with, my contact details are above so don’t be afraid to reach out, All the Best!


Rhiannon Kavanagh