Marie Sheedy



Hello everyone

I’m delighted to say that I am back again for another year as your WIT Students’ Union  Education Officer. I re-ran for this position in March of this year, because I truly feel that I have much more to give to the role having already had one year’s experience. I thoroughly enjoy this job and am grateful for the opportunity to remain a sabbatical officer as part of WITSU, and your Education Officer for 2017/18. I’m excited for the year ahead with a team full of fantastic people.

It is very important to me that every student feels they can email, call or text me about their queries. I will do my utmost to help and support every person I speak with and ensure that your student experience is a fun and comprehensive one. College is about education and growth, and we want to help support you in all areas of that. There are many reasons why as a student, you may need to chat to me. Some of these include student grants, course issues, timetables, assessment and feedback, exam queries, your student rights and academic policy just to name a few.

The Class Reps and Convenors of WIT act as a strong communication link from the sabbatical officers to the general student body.  These elected students represent your class and feed information back to Class Rep Council. It ensures that your voice is heard as a student. If you were to run for Class Rep, you will find that you make a number of friends and gain lots of new transferrable skills. It is great for your own personal experience.

I can’t explain how challenging and exciting college is going to be for you, as every journey is different. The important thing is to learn how to be happy and comfortable in your studies and social settings, and most importantly in you. Do things that make you happy and strive to be the best person you can be. If things go wrong then don’t worry about that, that’s why we’re here. Between the full time and part time officers of WITSU, we can all act as a support and help to you throughout your college experience.

Anything you discuss with me is confidential, and remember, we are here to support and empower you as students, through our abilities to listen non judgementally and assist you in all areas of your student life. I hope to see you around campus soon!

Marie Sheedy