John Fortune


I am John Fortune and i am the WITSU President for this year. I am delighted to welcome every new student to the institute, but also to welcome back everyone. I hope that everyone enjoys their time here in WIT, it really does fly by. It is a whirlwind with ups and downs, so make sure to enjoy every minute of your time as a student in WIT, but to also take time out and check in both with yourself and with your friends from school.

As President, I am the Team Leader/Chief Spokesperson of your organisation. I have a very broad brief, some of my tasks are; managing the union finances, representing students on all levels, constitution interpreter, leading and organising a team of 13 student representatives and 4 staff members, shaping and following policy and being chairperson of numerous WITSU bodies/committees. 

As mentioned above, I have a team of 13 student representatives, they are shown throughout this diary. We currently have two vacant roles, Postgrad Officer and First Year Representative. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to any of these people, part time officers and convenors are full time students, whereas Sabbatical Officers are full time paid officers of WITSU and receive extensive training in comparison to the part time officers.


WITSU is your union, it is your voice. We are a democratic body consisted of students, elected by students, for the students. Our mission is to represent our members, fight for the rights and interests, seek facilities/services required to enhance our members Learning Experience, actively work in partnership with the Institute and to improve the Irish Education System. Our Class Representative Council debate, discuss, develop and engage with all of our Policy and Mandates and vote on whether they want us to adopt the policy/mandate. Every student can run to be a Class Rep, it is one of the best experiences you can get while at college, so if you are interested I would encourage you to volunteer to represent your class. We also have many crews that you can join and get involved with, so please get in contact with the respective officers who engage with these crews and express interest. 

We are your union, and we exist to make sure that you, and all WIT Students, are represented on all student issues, academic or non academic.


We are located in the WITSU Social. We have offices for us to meet students, a 50 seater social area and loads of things for you to do to relax. From playstations to demonstrations and live sessions we want to make everyone feel welcome here. If we all come together this year, we will be the most effective body in our institute. The 14 individuals you elect every year represent you, but they need the backing of you, we need the 10,000 students of WIT to stand with us and to work alongside us. Turn up, have your voice heard and see how you can shape the learner experience for people who will come after you!


I am looking forward to a great year ahead and getting to know as many of you as possible! Please don’t hesitate to get in contact.


John Fortune.