John Fortune


My name is John Fortune and I am the President of WITSU. I am delighted to be back this year to continue the fight for our Students. My main goal is to make sure that you have the best Student Experience as possible while in WIT.

Whether that be lobbying the Institute for better services, the Government for lower Fees or Student Accommodations for better standards. College is a rollercoaster ride. You will have ups and downs throughout your time here. If you are returning you will be well aware of this, and if you are new you will see it. Remember that it is never selfish to look after yourself, ask for help or advice and if you know someone who is struggling reach out to them

As President, I am the Team Leader/Chief Spokesperson of your organisation. I have a very broad brief, some of my tasks are; managing the union finances, representing students on all levels, constitution interpreter, leading and organising a team of 14 student representatives along with some staff members, shaping and following policy and being chairperson of numerous WITSU bodies/committees. 

We have the aftermath of an ongoing Global Pandemic on our hands. This is affecting us all and has absolutely changed our lives. Our roles will be very interesting given the current situation, but we look at this as an opportunity. We will have to adapt to a new way of College Life and will make sure that we have innovative ideas to give you a great experience. We have the aftermath of an ongoing Global Pandemic on our hands. If you feel overwhelmed at any stage or just want to chat reach out to someone be it a friend, family member or a WITSU Officer! I am here if you ever want to chat. 

WITSU is your union and your voice. You keep us accountable and ensure that we are doing the best we possibly can for you. Make sure to get engaged in WITSU whether it be by becoming Class Rep, joining the Ents and Media or Welfare Crews. You will get the most out of college by taking up these extracurricular activities. My best advice is to go for it. Join a crew, join a club or society and run for class rep.

It is easy to not know where things are in College so don’t be afraid to ask a porter or anyone around you where things are. We are located in the WITSU Social on Cork Road, we have a desk in College Street, set up in the Café or second floor in the Granary. The best way to catch us is to either send us an email, text or call. All our details are in this diary.

I am looking forward to an exciting, challenging year post-COVID-19. We will make sure we are more visible than ever and hope top get to know as many of you as possible.

Is mise le meas,

John Fortune.