John Fortune


So as you can tell, my name is John Fortune and I am thrilled to say that I have been elected
to represent you as your Education Officer for this year! I am so excited to bring something
new to this role and add my extra bit of razzle dazzle!

One of my main goals for this year is for every student in WIT to know what the Students
Union is, and what we can do to help you! We are here to support you in any way possible.
We want you to feel like you can email, call, text and chat to us.
College is a hard time for most people, especially for those whose first time it is not living at
home, at the same time it’s a new start where you can be yourself and grow so much. I am
here if you need help with anything academic, I am your go to guy with queries on such
things as academic policy, grants and SUSI, course issues, timetables, exam queries, Class
Reps, assessment and feedback and a chat if you want!
When you come in to talk to me, everything said in my office is confidential. I am here to
help and support you and will not judge anyone. I want to listen to you and empower every
student to get the best college experience they possibly can.
This year I want to increase SU awareness. The systems I will use to do this are the Class
Reps and Convenors. These are the people on the ground everyday who attend classes just
like you. They are the link between the Officers and Students. I want to try make sure that
every class has an active class rep who can work in the best interest of your class. Being a
class rep is a fantastic opportunity! You gain so many new skills and friends on the way. I
can safely say that being a class rep in first year was the best thing I did, as it got me to where
I am now and put me in a position to help the students of WIT.
We all need help from time to time, please don’t feel scared to reach out to me or any of the
other officers with questions, whether you think it silly or not.
Waterford is such an amazing place, don’t forget to get out and see it. Enjoy your time down
here. Go out at least once, walk around town sightseeing, go see the greenway and take in
everything WIT, WITSU and Waterford have to offer!
I hope I get to meet you!
John Fortune.