Rhiannon Kavanagh

Hey Everyone

My name is Rhiannon Kavanagh and I’m your newly elected Education Officer here
at WITSU for the Academic Year 2019/2020.

In my role as Education Officer I am here to represent our students on all things
academically related. This includes exams, repeats, deferrals, SUSI queries,
retention, class reps and so many more.
Starting college is such an amazing feeling as its one further step to being exactly
who you envisage yourself to be but at times it can get particularly stressful and
sometimes even quite overwhelming. Therefore, as your elected representative, my
main aim is to make sure that you know your union and you know we are here to
support you during every step of the way.
Class Reps are a huge part of what I do in my day to day role. I spent three years
here at WIT as a class rep and I can honestly say its probably the best decision I
have ever made. If it wasn’t for my time as a class rep and working so closely with
WITSU I definitely would not be in the role I am today so being a class rep is
honestly one of the most amazing things you can ever do. My main aim for class
reps this year is to build a network of amazing individuals who have the best training
and who aren’t afraid to maybe step out of their comfort zone and be the voice of
your classmates. I also want to make sure you know you’re supported in your role
and most importantly enjoy the work that you’re doing as class rep.
Retention is also a huge area I want to work on over the year. As I mentioned above
college can be so stressful at times and students often feel overwhelmed. Therefore,
the reality can often be that students feel they have no option other than to drop out.
This is absolutely not the case. If you or someone you know is having these feelings
you can come to me, we can discuss what’s been affecting you and we can then
look at getting you the right support that you need on an academic level to make
your time here that little bit easier. SUSI can often cause many issues for students
so if this is something that’s worrying you, don’t hesitate to get in contact!
To summarise, college should be enjoyable so make the most of your time here, get
involved, build your skills, put yourself outside of your comfort zone and most
importantly just have fun.
Remember you can always reach me by phone or email should you need to. I am so
excited to meet you and work with so many of you throughout the year!
All the best
Rhiannon Kavanagh