Darren Malone

Hey everyone,

My name is Darren Malone and I am your Welfare Officer in the Students’ Union for the
coming academic year. If you are a fresher or an international student, welcome to Waterford
Institute of Technology. I can assure that you will have an amazing and enjoyable experience
throughout your time in WIT. If you are a returning student, welcome back and
congratulations on passing your exams. I hope you are all looking forward to the year ahead
as much as I am.

Initially college life may seem daunting and you may struggle at the start or at certain phases
throughout the year. You may struggle with your finances, struggle to make friends or come
face to face with challenges you have never encountered before. However, you are never
alone and there are many students in similar situations. There are also many services and
programmes here in the college that can help you along the way, just don’t be afraid to ask
for help. Besides this, college is a once in a lifetime experience that will live with you
forever. You will meet some amazing new people and you will be provided with so many
new and exciting opportunities. I really encourage you to immerse yourself in student life and
have fun. Become a class rep, join a club or society and get involved in campaigns but most
importantly, take care of yourself!
As your Welfare Officer, it is my job to be there for every student in regards to all non-
academic matters. Throughout the year with the help of the Welfare Crew, I will deliver
campaigns to improve knowledge and awareness in relation to a wide variety of topics such
as positive mental health, sexual health, finance, drug and alcohol awareness, general equality
and many more. I will also thrive to ensure that my practice is as inclusive and diverse that it
can be so that every student in WIT can get involved in my campaigns. I urge you to engage
in these campaigns as they create a positive environment on campus to have fun and make
lifelong friendships.
In the Students’ Union we have an open door policy where all students are welcome at any
time. I will welcome anyone who has an issue, whether it is big or small or even if you just
feel like a chat. Please just remember that I’m always here for you no matter what and I will
never be more than a phone call, text or email away. Your health and happiness is my top
priority and I promise to do my very best to enhance the lives of WIT students.
Lastly, I would like to wish you the very best of luck with your college year and I look
forward to meeting you.
Darren Malone.