Ben Nolan


Hi everyone,
My name is Ben Nolan and I am thrilled to have been elected as your Welfare and Equality Officer for the coming academic year.

I would like to welcome all our new incoming students and hope that you have an amazing time here in WIT. To continuing students,
welcome back and best of luck with the resumption of your studies. As most of us are aware college life can be tough, particularly in a post Covid-19 world that we are all adapting to day by day. Please do not feel like you are on your own because you are not. There may be times when college feels daunting, stressful and even overwhelming. This is completely normal. Whether it is your first few weeks as a first year or your last few weeks as a final year student preparing dissertations these feelings of stress and worry are normal as you try to balance your college and personal life. Do not go through it alone. Talk to someone. Whether it is a trusted family member or a trusted friend, share the load. It is also important to look after yourself. Self-care is vital. Do not feel guilty for taking breaks.
Sometimes when college work is becoming too much, stepping back and going for a walk, a coffee or even just watching some TV is the perfect break to help you relax and ease your mind. Remember that you are here to enjoy college and it goes so fast so make the most of it.

As part of my job I am here to help you when it comes to matters such as accommodation, finance, mental health and sexual health to name a few. I will be running campaigns over the academic year focusing in on some of these areas so keep an eye out for them and engage as much as you can. If you have any ideas for certain campaigns or want to help contact me and I will be glad to have a chat. Don’t ever hesitate to contact me if I can be of any help to enhancing your college experience.
Enjoy the year,
Ben Nolan.