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Christopher Stephenson

€25 per hour and I will do groups for €15 per hour per person

Business and Accounting

English as a second language tuition, History modules and proofreading of assignments.

Claire O’Brien

€35 per hour (single tuition)
0851415160 051323797

ART One to one tuition Portfolio Preparation

English :  ( to include Poetry / Fiction / Drama / Language / Comparative studies )

Daniel Jones

Group: Discounts available, please enquire. One-to-one: €20 per hour.

Introduction to Statistical Analysis and Design Intermediate Statistical Analysis and Design Advanced Statistical Analysis and Design

Sociology – such as race, gender, Irish identity, and the sociology of Ireland. I also provide tutoring in qualitative methods of research.  

Sociology of Sport Recreation and Social Interventions Adapted Physical Activity Therapeutic Recreation Activity Programming for Disability Research Methods Physical Activity Promotion

Eamon Concannon

€30 per hour
(087) 1505628

Calculus, Linear Algebra, Statistics Theory, Transform Methods, Differential Equations, Intro Physics Bio; Msc. in Statistics (UCD), Bsc. in Maths (OU).

Ehsan Elahi

€20 per hour.

Programming Concepts JAVA Programming Computer Networks Network Programming Discrete Mathematics Probability and Random Variables

Emmanuel Jolaosho

€15 per hour

Information Technology – hardware, system repairs, networking, software, and all related subjects matters can be reviewed at different levels.