Changes in the circumstances of the parents of students, who have lost their jobs or have suffered a decrease in salary, will also result in more students applying for maintenance grants for the first time.

You can apply and track your grant application online on

Details of the new student grant scheme can be found online at A downloadable grant form is also available from this website.

The Union will continue to campaign for the enactment of the Student Support Bill, which will ensure a more efficient grant system for the students of Ireland.

By applying for their grant now, students are allowing additional time to ensure that any issues with their applications can be resolved in time for them to receive their grant at the start of term. Students who find themselves in different circumstances, such as parents losing their jobs or suffering a reduction in income, should make SUSI aware of the different circumstances. If you have any issues regarding funding and grants please feel free to pop into the office or contact me.

 Aoife Molloy WITSU Education Officer 086 0499842/