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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) Exams

What is my exam password?

New Students: Your Online Student Services password (OSSP) was supplied to you on Registration Day and is the same as your Computer Account password.

Existing Students: Your Online Student Services password (OSSP) is the password that you have used previously for Online Registration, Exam Timetables and Results etc.

If you experience problems using this facility, please call the Examinations Office at (051) 302883 or email examinations@wit.ie

Where will my exam timetable be available?

Exam timetables for each semester and repeat Autumn examinations are posted on the following website. Timetables for Semester 1 examinations are usually available in early December, Semester 2 timetables in early April and Autumn timetables in early August.

What is my examination seat number or where do I get it?

Each fully registered candidate is issued with an examination seat number. This seat number may be found on the examinations website (see number 2 above).

If I am unable to access my examination timetable what should I do?

If you are unable to access your timetable on line, you should contact the examinations office immediately.

When will my exam results be available?

Exam results are posted on the website http://www2.wit.ie/exams after each examination session, usually, February, June and September. (Check exams website for specific release date of results).

What do the following abbreviations mean on my exam results?

PS Pass
AB Absent from examination
FL Fail – no Exemptions gained at current sitting
FC “Failed Component”. It indicates that you have failed a significant element of the assessments within an individual module.
DE Deferral of Result(s)
I Deferral of subject – a deferral is granted if you have mitigating circumstances or extenuating circumstances – it means that you will need to sit the exam in the next available exam session. You do not need to enter for this exam or pay for it; it is automatically downloaded for you. Please check the website for your examination timetable when available
IP Deferral of result, Industrial Placement incomplete
Stage Incomplete Means that you have not yet completed the full year of study. This is a default result for all semester 1 results for full-time programmes.


If I have a query about my exam result, who should I contact?

If your exam results are not available on-line it may be due to the fact that you are not fully registered and need to pay your outstanding fees. If you need to pay fees please contact our Fees Office on 051-302088. If you have any queries on your exam results please contact your relevant school:

School of Business 051-302036
School of Education 051-302040
School of Engineering 051-306160
School of Health Sciences 051-302774
School of Humanities 051-845553
School of Science 051-302482


What are overall percentages for awards?

In WIT your exams are graded on a scale as below, with a descriptor of the grade you have been awarded. These descriptions are to give you an insight into the standard you achieved during your examinations. Note: Some departments may vary on their awarding of a pass grade.

Honours Degree

First Class Honours 70% – 100%
Second Class Honours Grade 1 60% – 69%
Second Class Honours Grade 11 50% – 59%
Pass 40% – 49%

Ordinary Degree/Higher Certificate

Distinction 70% – 100%
Merit 1 60% – 69%
Merit 2 50% – 59%
Pass 40% – 49%


General Exam Information

Please contact the examinations office at the following telephone extensions:

Liz White:  051-302043
Avril Kelly:  051-302883
Liz Curran:  051-302882
Or e-mail:  examinations@wit.ie


The Examinations Office is located at Reception in the Main College Campus, Cork Road, Waterford.

Opening hours: Monday – Friday, 9.30 am – 12.30 pm & 2.00 pm – 4.00 pm


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