Be Their Buddy

The heart and soul of “Be Their Buddy” is to thrive towards a greater sense of community and friendship within WIT. We feel that sometimes all it takes is the smallest of gestures, a simple ‘hello, how are you?’ to transform someone’s day especially if they have been feeling down.


How to “Be Their Buddy” – It’s really simple.

Come to the Student’s Union on either campus and get a ‘Random Act of Kindness Kit’ (This will contain some nice bits and bobs that might brighten up someone’s day)

Find someone who you feel may need a lift today (we all have those days)

Give them the pack and if you would like ask them “how are you feeling today?”

Be a good listener and understand that this could be making a huge positive impact.

If you would like take a snap with your new buddy. Send it to WITSUsnap to enter our competition. Caption it with “Be their Buddy”.

Don’t let this end here. Pick up a ‘Be Their Buddy’ wristband from the Student’s Union shop free of charge and this will remind you to keep your eyes peeled for anyone who you feel today could do with a chat.


If you don’t have a pack then what’s stopping you from saying “Hi” anyway?

‘Be their Buddy’ extends further then just on campus. On nights out or wherever your life takes you, always remember to watch out for those around you, your friends or someone you have never met. Be that person who can make a positive difference because you never know when you might need a ‘Buddy’ of your own.


“Never underestimate your ability to make someone’s day, even if you never know it”